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For over 25 years, we have been specialists for all questions concerning viscosity. As a manufacturer of rheometers for laboratory and process applications, we supply instruments around the globe.

Our strength lies in our high professional competence and our well-developed global distribution and service networks. We are your partner for all questions regarding viscosity!



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Low Shear Rheometer LS300
Rheometer system for the exact Rheological examination of low-viscosity medium
The Low Shear LS 300 is suitable for daily routine as well as for research and development: Medicine, Biology, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Food industry
For substances like:
Polymers, Petroleum products and substitutes, Emulsions, suspensions and solutions, Paints and varnishes, Cleaning agents, Blood and blood plasma, Tears, Joint fluid, sputum, etc.
Sample volume: Depending on the measuring system:
0.07 - 2.4 ml
What does low shear mean?
Low shear measurements enable the rheological examination of substances:
With little burden on the internal structure, e.g. Erythrocyte accumulation
Without changing the molecules in polymer solutions
Without further effort to measure very low viscosity

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