PEFTEC 2019 - Exhibitor - Zematra

Zematra is the real specialist in the field of analytical instrumentation and supplies for measuring and checking products from the (petro)chemical industry, food industry and paint industry. Our instruments will measure the physical properties of various products, will evaluate the performance of fuels and lubricants, will give you a precise analysis of the composition of a fuel and we have a line for the analysis of trace elements.

Another field of our expertise is condition monitoring. Over several decades, the industrial world has benefited from our own Zematra range of portable test equipment for monitoring efficient plant operation on board sea going vessels, off-shore platforms, power stations, wind mill parks etc. Together with our service and marketing department, responsible for the line of full scale laboratory equipment used in the (petro)chemical industry, Zematra develops most of her portable equipment in-house. This synergy within our company results in high quality products which give highly accurate results.



Products on Display at PEFTEC

Tanaka automatic D86, model AD7
Tanaka automatic flashpoint tester
Tanaka automatic softening point tester, model ASP-6
Cannon Low Temp Brookfield apparatus, TESC
Cannon MiniAV high temperature, MiniAV-HT
Ad Systems Compatibility/Stability, model ST10
Ad Systems Tube Rating device, model DR10
Iludest vacuum distillation D1160
Tamson FBT
Zematra stability analyzer, SPA
Tintometer e-Comparator Saybolt and ASTM D1500
Eralytics flaspoint, model Eraflash
Eralytics vapour pressure, model Eravap
Eralytics FTIR, model Eraspec
Eralytics oil in water, model Eracheck

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