PEFTEC 2019 - Exhibitor - Lumex Analytics

Lumex Instruments For more than 25 years Lumex Instruments manufactures, supplies and supports analytical instruments with unique technical specifications. The mercury analyzers are based on Zeeman AAS with high frequency modulation of background absorption, which eliminates the effect of potential interferences. This technology allows ultrasensitive highly selective real-time measurements without any need for chemicals, any carrier or zero gases for operation. Most of the samples are analyzed directly avoiding time-consuming and costly sample preparation and pre-concentration. Oil spill detection solutions include Fluorat oil-in-water analyzers for environmental and process monitoring and Crab optical sensors for oil slick detection on the water surface.


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Products on Display at PEFTEC

At PEFTEC LumexAnalytics will show the range of mercury analyzers used for determination of mercury in natural gas, crude oil, condensate, refined products and other samples of petrochemical industry. An Ex-d enclosure for the RA-915AMNG mercury monitor is now available for our customers. Our experts are looking forward to meet you at our booth.

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