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ERALY & Associes is an innovative company specialized since 1972 in the design, manufacture and marketing of elemental analyzers and laboratory furnaces for industry and research.

- Sulfur and/or Nitrogen analyzer in petroleum products, solvents, oils, synthetic products, Water, LPG, gas, ...according:
Total Sulfur: ASTM D5453 / ASTM D6667 / ASTM D7183 / ASTM D7551 / ISO 20 846 / EN 20 846

Total Nitrogen: ASTM D4629 / ASTM D6069 / ASTM D5176 / ASTM D7184 / ASTM D5762 / NF EN 12260

- Total Chlorine measurement in Petroleum products, Minerals, Used solvents, Fuels, Waters, Cement, Waste, Coals, Plastics, Oils, Chlorinated PVC, Cokes, Tar, Sediments, Plants…and AOX, POX, EOX….according:

- ASTM D4929
- ASTM D5808
- ASTM D6721
- ISO 9562
- UOP 779


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Products on Display at PEFTEC

Developed in collaboration with the TOTAL Research Center, our sulfur analyzer meets the essential needs of oil refineries. End Users participation in its design justifies its performances, robustness and ease of use.

From traces 30 ppb to about 10%, this analyzer with its UV Fluorescence detector is the best for the measurement of low, medium and high concentrations of Sulfur.

For few samples, we have the Mini-Auto Sampler with a tray up to 6 positions; it allows buying only what you need.

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