PEFTEC 2019 - Cannon Instruments

Company: Cannon Instruments
Stand No:  46,47,48,49
Country:  United States
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CANNON Instrument Company is a global leader in viscosity related products and services since 1938. CANNON offers a broad spectrum of high-quality, viscosity-related products and services including glass viscometers, viscosity standards, automated and semi-automated viscometers, and constant temperature baths. In addition, CANNON offers a variety of instruments for related rheology and physical property testing including densitometers, flash point testers, cloud/pour point testers, titrators, distillation testers, colorimeters, refractometers, carbon residue testers, vapor pressure testers, softening point testers, sulfur analyzers, plugging point testers and aniline point testers. To learn more visit
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  • Reagents / Reference Standards
  • Laboratory Instrumentation
  • Viscosity
  • Laboratory/On-Site Testing Services
  • Physical Property Testing