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Atmsofir Optics provides a complete, fully automated and reliable fence line monitoring system – The D-fenceline ™. The system is based on Open path FTIR technology with advanced data analysis and management algorithms. The high tech integration yields the world’s most versatile, sensitive and cost effective fence-line monitoring solution.
In this one end-to-end solution, the system provides all the tools to answer the acute questions of What, Where and When there are fugitive emission gases in the atmosphere around and within a monitored perimeter. By making use of technical analysis of air contamination signals and implementing in the software the most updated official scientific methods of gas analysis the D-fenceline™ solution generates in REAL-TIME , the following detailed information and the advanced capabilities and tools
*Real-time detection capabilities of dozens of compounds simultaneously *Real-time fence-line monitoring - detection & quantities 24/7/365 *Monitoring lines can extend for up to 2 x 500m in length *Very low measurement sensitivity and detection limits *Online and Real Time data validation *Advanced source location tools of contamination *Real time alerts to end-user *Efficient UI tools for reporting, alerting & analysis


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