PEFTEC 2019 - Exhibitor - AP2E

AP2E is a manufacturer of industrial gas analyzers, part of DURAG GROUP.
We produce instruments for online gas analysis.
AP2E solutions are divided in 2 product ranges: LaserCEM and ProCeas.
Example of gas applications: ProCeas H2S, NH3, H2O, HCL, etc.
Industrial sectors concerned: process optimization, environment, work safety, industrial safety, quality control.
AP2E operates in the following contexts: regulatory constraints, process monitoring (chemical, combustion, manufacturing, etc.), room monitoring (formaldehyde, CO), emission monitoring, deNOx catalytic reduction, gas purity (H2, methane), trace gases.
AP2E is a global player in gas analysis solutions with more than 400 multigas analyzers installed worldwide.



Products on Display at PEFTEC

ProCeas® gas analyzer for trace impurities measurement in hydrocarbons.
In many petrochemical applications, some gas components can be found at trace level.
Their concentrations can fluctuate over time, and are depending on process parameters, or process feed. Species like H2S, NH3, or H2O, can be considered as impurities (corrosive, toxic, etc.), and are often tracked in these gas matrices to insure the quality of the final gas product and the efficiency of the production process.

The ProCeas® uses the patented OFCEAS technology, based on extractive absorption spectroscopy. This laser based technology is able to measure gases down to ppb levels of concentration, with an unforeseen quality of measurement in terms of accuracy and repeatability. OFCEAS principle combined with Low Pressure Sampling (<30 mbar absolute) grants an enhanced gas selectivity, and therefore are not impacted by cross interferences between gases even in hydrocarbons matrices.

ProCeas® has an integrated self-calibration of the measurement system, featuring no zero and span drift over time. ProCeas® is able to analyze a large range of gases with limited maintenance costs.

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