PEFTEC 2017 - SepSolve Analytical

Company: SepSolve Analytical
Stand No:  63
Address: 22 Commerce Road Lynchwood
South Wales
Country:  United Kingdom
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Company Profile
SepSolve Analytical is dedicated to helping analysts select the best equipment for GC and GC×GC analysis.

The wide range of products and techniques offered include: SepSolve’s own INSIGHT™ flow modulator for GC×GC, sample preparation equipment from EST Analytical and GL Sciences, robotic autosamplers from CTC Analytics, thermal desorption and mass spectrometry equipment from Markes International, and UV detectors from VUV Analytics.

SepSolve’s application experience is extensive, placing it in an excellent position to advise on getting the best from an analysis – in everything from environmental monitoring to petrochemical analysis and food aroma profiling.

At PEFTEC 2017, we’ll be showcasing the BenchTOF™ time-of-flight mass spectrometer for single-run analysis of target compounds and screening of unknowns, now further enhanced with Tandem Ionisation® technology for simultaneous production of 70 eV and ‘soft’ electron ionisation spectra.
Products on Display at PEFTEC
  • INSIGHTâ„¢ flow modulator for GCxGC
    • Delivering robust, repeatable and affordable GCxGC using reverse fill/flush flow modulation, INSIGHT overcomes the cost and volatility constraints associated with thermal devices.

  • BenchTOFâ„¢ time-of-flight mass spectrometer
    • BenchTOF instruments are the ideal detectors for GCxGC, delivering SIM-like sensitivity and NIST-searchable spectra for confident identification of trace-level targets and unknowns.

  • Tandem Ionisation® for TOF MS
    • Award-winning Tandem Ionisation enables easy switching between hard and soft electron ionisation, generating complementary information about each component and so increasing the dimensionality of your analysis.

  • ChromSpace® GC×GC software
    • ChromSpace allows GCxGC to be a productive contributor in any high-throughput laboratory, by enabling sophisticated peak merging, flexible data navigation and streamlined workflows. Time-saving features, such as instant display of library matches and dynamically-linked panes, make GCxGC data exploration effortless.
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  • Sample Preparation
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