PEFTEC 2017 - ECH Elektrochemie Halle

Company: ECH Elektrochemie Halle
Stand No:  121
Address: Otto-Eißfeldt-Str. 8
Country:  Germany
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Company Profile
ECH is an independent enterprise founded in 1992. The objects of the company are the development, manufacturing and marketing of analytical devices and measuring methods to analyze gas, water, industrial and municipal waste water and technical products, e.g. oil and gas. The development of devices and methods has been successfully established for the past 20 years in national and international markets. Important fields of applications are: - Laboratory analysis - Factory- and process analysis for technical control - On-site mobile analysis - Online instruments We are able to comprehend customers’ specific problems and enquiries due to our own development of the hardware and software. We response enquiries in the areas of development of new analytical measuring methods and the application of measuring devices for controlling complex and technical industrial facilities, e.g. the controlling of waste water treatment plants or the monitoring of chemical and petrochemical processes.
Products on Display at PEFTEC
AQUA 40.00: The AQUA 40.00 is used for microcoulometric determination of water content according to Karl-Fischer-Titration in liquid samples, solids and gases. The basic module can be expanded with additional heating modules and high sensitive closed- loop gas extraction for solids and oils. The AQUA 40.00 is designed for water determination in gases, e.g. LPG and LNG and oils. The device allows very low background drift and short measuring times and can be used down to trace ppm-analysis.

H2S-Analyzer: The H2S-Analyzer can be used for determination of hydrogen sulfide in solids, gases and liquids. The determination of total volatile sulfides in aqueous solutions and oils works through high efficient gas extraction combined with a selective electrochemical detection method. Thereby, interferences from the sample-matrix will be minimized. Sample preparation is not required. The device can be used in the laboratory or for online-measurements to control waste water treatment and for petrochemicals.

MobilGC: The portable gaschromatograph MobilGC is suitable for on-site operation, online-process monitoring and laboratory work. Its special feature is the internal gas supply, which allows the on-site use. It can be chosen between different detectors (FID, TCD, PID) according to the analytical problem. The columns are individually heated. So it is possible to adjust various temperature programs. The comfortable software allows fast and accurate analysis and various evaluation modes.
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