PEFTEC 2019 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Total Cost Of Analysis in petroleum test labs
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Standards & Quality Assurance
Presenter Name: Mr Frank Van Hoorick
Company/Organisation: European Lab Services
Country: Belgium

Abstract Information :

It seems contradictory, though it is the undeniable truth. While the importance of petroleum analysis increases, purchasing budgets have downsized over the last few years and lab managers have to reflect about how to purchase in a cost-effective way. This mindset goes way beyond exploring the market in search of the best prices. It is all about spreading out the cost over the next following years of usage. A well-known concept as Total Cost Of Ownership also takes multiple other parameters in account: maintenance costs, cost of downtime, energy consumption, etc. Besides that, verification of test results is immensely valuable to reduce various costs occurring in the production process.

The concepts of Total Cost of Ownership and Total Cost of Analysis go way beyond the instrument itself. Various factors such as service level and result verification directly influence the expends and profit a company gets out of its instruments.

Proactive maintenance from early in the lifespan of an analyser reduces downtime and unforeseeable costs to a minimum level and guarantees continuous accessibility to the instrument.

Verification of the instrument and its results saves a refinery thousands to millions of euros by avoiding expensive claims and needless discussions caused by doubted analysis results.