PEFTEC 2019 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Sulfur Analysis in Times of Digitalized High-Throughput Demands
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Analytical Techniques: Elemental Analysis and Speciation
Presenter Name: Dr Angela Gröbel
Co-authors:Dr Stefan Jezierski
Company/Organisation: Analytik Jena AG
Country: Germany

Abstract Information :

While lab resources become more and more scarce the work load is increasing inversely. To manage these and being prepared for future challenges, modern laboratories require resource-saving analyzers that can be operated without specialist knowledge, deliver reliable results in the shortest possible time, and facilitate a maximum sample throughput.

The fast, reliable and efficient determination of total sulfur is an important task in daily routine of refineries and petrochemical industry. Even the smallest sulfur traces have significant impact on the efficiency of catalysts used and thus the quality of the final products. The most reliable and sensitive method to do this is the high-temperature combustion followed by UV-fluorescence detection of the formed SO2, as described in relevant regulations (e.g. ASTM D7183, D5453, ISO 20846 etc.). With conventional sulfur analyzers the achievement of results can require more or less time and effort, dependent on the sulfur content, matrix effects, and operator skills, especially when measuring ultra-traces and very high TS quantities. This affects efficiency of the lab and thereby running costs, considerable. But there is a solution; HiPerSens® detection combines unique sensitivity and a wide linear measurement range. Error-prone dilution or the time-consuming trap-and-release is no longer necessary. Thanks to excellent combustion characteristics and detector stability, used sample quantities and number of replicate are reduced to a minimum. Widely varying concentrations are processed in the same sequence. EAsy Protect creates the prerequisites for the safe unattended operation by automatically monitoring and optimizing process parameters, malfunctions are prevented. The operator can perform other tasks during the analysis. Should "action" be required, the analyzer sends a message, no matter where he or she is located at the time. The integrated web server and LAN capability allow control and data evaluation at anytime from anywhere - directly at the analyzer, via remote access from the control room, or when on the move with the smartphone. As simple as a smartphone app, the software guides users regardless of prior knowledge to their destination. The ASTM-compliant method library, legal limit values check, maintenance assistant and other feature do the rest to achieve the main goals of high-throughput labs - fast, reliable, profitable - from the very beginning.