PEFTEC - Abstract

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Abstract Title: Practical Applications of FT-NIR in the Refinery
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Other
Seminar Time: Wednesday : Room 6 - 10.00 - 10.30
Presenter Name: Mr Allan Rilling
Company/Organisation: ABB
Country: Netherlands

Abstract Information :

FT-NIR analyzer platforms have demonstrated repeatedly to meet the performance requirements for blending and has been widely adopted and accepted by the refining industry. The core technical benefits and analytical flexibility of FT-NIR is applicable to a wider use within the modern Refinery that is constantly striving to improve margins through control and optimization. Control and optimization requires measurement.

A modern refinery is constantly striving to improve margins through control and optimization of process units. The typical refinery deals with product transformation from crude to final blended product and/or petrochemical products. Measurement feedback by FT-NIR and process laser technology provides an effective means to enable control. Two practical examples applied to process units within a refinery are to be presented; one for the crude distillation unit (CDU) and the other final product blending. Best practices and practical experience for each is to be presented for each case.

The rundown or side-draw qualities measured by FT-NIR allow for optimization of the CDU to control cut-points and qualities and to avoid yield losses from high value product into lower value streams due to poor heat balance and pump around control.

The optimization for the final blended product remains a driver to achieving margins within the refinery. The blend component inventory along with final blended product can be measured in near real time by an FT-NIR with feedback to refinery planning.