PEFTEC 2019 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Monitoring wells, a new technology for environmental safety
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Environmental Monitoring of Water
Presenter Name: Mr Blas Caicoya
Co-authors:Mr Santiago Ramas
Company/Organisation: Smart Sensor Technology
Country: Spain

Abstract Information :

Monitoring Wells are widely used for physical observation of groundwater to detect any possible leak affecting the environment. If a leak happens and reaches groundwater, it can mobilize having important environmental and economic consequences, therefore observations of this wells can minimize significantly the risk associated to hydrocarbon storage.

Monitoring wells are wet, dirty and isolated from the rest of the infrastructure. Technical limitations in continuous monitoring devices does not allow to have remote monitoring in such hard conditions, therefore common practice is to have manual sampling few times per year.

Today wireless technology and new sensor development allow for change on how monitoring wells will be used in the future. In this presentation, we will show how CLH is using a new technology to have daily monitoring of their wells. Since 2013, a new technology has been tested over 200 wells (2"), allowing for a daily remote communication providing early detection of groundwater contamination. The presentation will include summary of the project and conclusion on the technology.

The CLH Group is the leading company in Spain for oil product transportation and storage and is one of the largest private companies in its sector at an international level