PEFTEC - Abstract

Abstract Title: Monitoring Water Droplet Size and Concentration for Optimum Desalter Performance through the use of Dynamic Imaging Technology
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Applications of PAT in process industries petrochemical, chemical, alternative feedstocks, bio processing, sustainable products
Presenter Name: Mr Colin Dalton
Co-authors:Mr Tod Canty
Company/Organisation: JM Canty Intternational Ltd.
Country: Ireland

Abstract Information :

A crucial stage in optimization of the performance of a refinery desalter is to monitor the water droplet size of the injected water on the inlet to the desalter. The droplet size is of significant importance as it is directly related to the rate of absorption of the salt within the crude, and to the electrically induced settling velocity of these water droplets to the base of the de-salter. Measuring and controlling this water droplet size, allows for the most efficient operation of the desalting process, maximizing salt absorption and oil water separation, and therefore reducing residence time in the vessel.rnrnThrough the use of Cantys dynamic imaging-based Water in OilOil in Water and solids analyzers operators are provided with real time data, for water droplet size and concentration. The system can be installed directly online to maximize the representativeness of the data generated, and can therefore be used to optimize the desalter performance in real time. The system can also be installed on the brine outlet to monitor the oil in water concentration in real time. rnrnFurther to this, Canty have a unique lab scale Direct Characterization Rig DCR imaging system, which allows for investigation of oilwater residence times for further optimization of the desalting process. rnrnIn this presentation, an overview of the technology is provided, along with relevant case study data from field activities.rn