PEFTEC - Abstract

Abstract Title: Moisture Analysis via Gas Chromatography with BID in Petroleum and Petroleum Products
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Alternative approaches to conventional techniques
Presenter Name: Mr Yusuke Takemori
Co-authors:Mr Ryo Kubota
Mr Ryo Takechi
Dr Franz Kramp
Company/Organisation: Shimadzu Corporation
Country: Japan

Abstract Information :

Analyzing moisture, and how much of it, is critical to the performance of petroleum products, as well as infrastructure and product integrity. One of the most famous methods for moisture analysis is Karl Fischer Titration (KFT). KFT has a wide dynamic range, and is easy measurement, but has difficulty in measuring relatively low amounts of moisture. This time, we have developed the new trace moisture analysis system using Gas Chromatography with the Novel BID. In this work, we introduce the high sensitivity moisture analysis in LPG, chlorofluorocarbon and nitrogen using this system.