PEFTEC 2019 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Measuring the Cold Filter Plugging Point with Callisto 100
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Standards & Quality Assurance
Presenter Name: Dr Carolin Edinger
Company/Organisation: Anton Paar ProveTech GmbH
Country: Germany

Abstract Information :

Low-temperature operability is an issue with diesel fuels because of the contained paraffin waxes. When the temperature of diesel fuel decreases, wax crystals begin to precipitate. They can block fuel flow through filters and other restricted passages in the fuel system. To determine the low-temperature operability of diesel fuel, biodiesel, blends, and gas oils the Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) method is used. According to strict guidelines described in applicable standard methods, Callisto 100 measures the CFPP in a fully automated way. Testing and results with Callisto 100 are in full compliance with EN 116, ASTM D6371, EN 16329, JIS K 2288, and IP 309. The standard test methods are pre-programmed and can be selected from the menu.

There are a number of procedures in refineries to improve a fuel's low-temperature operability, e.g. by treating a fuel with additives or manufacturing it from crude oils with lower wax content. Callisto 100 is the first choice for evaluating the quality and drivability of diesel fuels at low temperatures or even under extreme arctic climate conditions. Its state-of-the-art Peltier element technology ensures outstanding homogeneity of the cooling jacket, which is the most critical and decisive parameter for a correct CFPP value determination. Contact-free infrared detection additionally ensures high accuracy and repeatability. The temperature of sample and jacket is monitored in real-time and additional graphical information about the aspiration and flowback times is provided to observe the temperature behavior of the sample during the test. In addition, cloud and pour point of a sample can be measured manually according to the respective standard methods.

The session will provide information on automatically measuring CFPP values (CFPP 1 and 2) of diesel fuels in full compliance with the standard methods. Principles and features of Callisto 100 will be introduced.