PEFTEC 2019 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Hydrogen Production & Analysis Solutions
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Other
Presenter Name: Mr Marcus Creaven
Company/Organisation: AGC Instruments
Country: Ireland

Abstract Information :

Hydrogen, with its vast array of industrial uses, is primarily used in many processes ranging from Ammonia Prodction to Electronics to Metal Sintering to Food to Energy to Refinery and many more.

Since Hydrogen is produced in several different ways, the most economical method is the process which involves the removal of Hydrogen from Hydrocarbons which entails reacting natural gas or methan with Steam in a Reformer. With many by products as a result, these by products can adversely affect catalysts in many refining and chemical processes.

AGC Instruments has over 50 years in the field of analysis, we are able to offer solutions that allow for the monitoring and control of processes from ppb to ppm to % in both the safe and in the hazardous areas. Using our analytical solutions, we are able to ensure that companies have increased efficient production and higher quality products which reduce many downstream problems. Through the use of our Gas Analysers and Gas Chromatographs we are currently partnering with the Production Process and Control areas of many leading Hydrogen Producers world wide. We are ensuring a direct response with the shortest possible reaction time to many different impurities like N2 , Ar/O2 , CH4 , CO , CO2 & other Hydrocarbons. In doing so, your efficiency and quality is greatly improved.