PEFTEC - Abstract

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Abstract Title: Flare optimization. Greenhouse gas reduction combined with steam and fuel savings
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Methane
Seminar Time: Thursday : Room 7 - 10.00 - 10.30
Presenter Name: Mr Theodorus Bertels
Company/Organisation: BHGE
Country: Netherlands

Abstract Information :

Increase destruction efficiency and reduce your greenhouse gas exhaust. In addition, save on steam and fuel.
flare.IQ is pre-programmed with all required algorithms necessary to address the most difficult aspects of proper flare control.
First introduced for refiners in the United States, flare.IQ is designed to help meet the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency's Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) Petroleum Refinery Sector Rule (RSR) Part 63.670.
Even for a flare operated in a non-regulated environment, BHGE's patent-pending process optimization algorithms provide near-continuous feedback on flare performance that will help drive down operational cost with reduced steam and supplemental gas consumption while reducing the carbon footprint.

Benefits of flare.iQ summarized

  • Controls and maintains 96.5% combustion efficiency or a 98% destruction efficiency of a flare to:
  • Avoid exhaust of unburned greenhouse gasses which have a much larger Warming Potential than CO2;
  • Destruct toxic hydrocarbons to CO2 and H2O;
  • Minimize odors to public and neighboring communities;
  • Operates with no visible emissions, except for periods not to exceed a total of 5 minutes during any 2 consecutive hours:
  • Avoidance of fine carbon dust particles;
  • Avoid Over-aeration thus reduction of steam usage:
  • minimizing energy consumption;
  • dropping high-frequency jet noise level;
  • Reduction of supplemental flare assist gasses;
  • minimizing energy consumption;
  • lessening CO2 emission
In the presentation we will show a video flare in action, and we will go in more detail how speed of sound can be used to optimize combustion.