PEFTEC - Abstract

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Abstract Title: Elementanalysis - Overcoming challenges in the analysis workflow of the downstream oil and gas industry
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Automation of Chemical Analysis, Physical Testing and Sample Preparation
Seminar Time: Thursday : Room 2 - 11.00 - 11.30
Presenter Name: Mr Erik Verheyen
Company/Organisation: Analytik Jena AG
Country: Germany

Abstract Information :

Matrix effects, detection interferences, a widely varying element concentration, costly maintenance, tightening regulations and legal limits as well as unreliable operating analytical instruments are just a few of the main hurdles analytical laboratories in the downstream oil and gas, the petro and related industries have to overcome. The analysis of usually thousands of samples of different matrices per day has to be fast and reliable in order to be cost-effective. Instruments have to work 24/7 without interruption and have to require minimum maintenance to break even for the operators. A tough situation, considering mandatory measurements to comply with international laws and regulations.

In this workshop, Analytik Jena presents application solutions to improve workflows in quality and process control labs. The focus will be on the analysis of trace elements (wearing, carcinogenic, corrosive), challenging sample matrices like liquefied pressurized gases (LPG) or heavy fuel oil, and intelligent technologies to reduce maintenance, costs and complexity of operation, while enabling high sample throughput even in unattended and 24/7 operation.

All solutions are fully compliant to the relevant international regulations (ASTM, EN, ISO ….) and streamlined for efficiency saving laboratories valuable time and analysis cost while not compromising on result quality and ease of use.

The systems used are based on Analytik Jena’s unique ICP, elemental analysis and sum parameter techniques.