PEFTEC 2019 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Analysis of Thiophene in Benzene Using ASTM Method D7011 and a Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector (PFPD)
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Analytical Techniques: Chromatography and Separations
Presenter Name: Mr John Damiral
Co-authors:Ms Cynthia Elmore
Mr Michael Duffy
Company/Organisation: OI Analytical, a Xylem brand
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

High purity benzene is used as a feed material in numerous chemical manufacturing processes. The benzene must have a very high purity in order to be used as a starting material for the chemical operation. Of particular concern is the presence of thiophene, which in even very small amounts can poison catalysts, making the determination of trace level amounts essential to the petroleum industry. ASTM method D6011 covers the determination of thiophene in refined benzene using gas chromatography and sulfur selective detection. The method allows the use of any sulfur selective detector as long as it meets method criteria. Accurate analysis of trace levels of thiophene in benzene can be challenging due to the need for detector sensitivity and possible interferences or quenching from the benzene matrix. The PFPD has the sensitivity needed for this method and the analytical column which separates thiophene well from the benzene matrix. This poster will present instrument configuration and operating parameters for the detection and quantitation of trace levels of thiophene in benzene using ASTM D7011 and PFPD. Calibration levels of 0.02 to 2.0ppm will be demonstrated.