PEFTEC - Abstract

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Abstract Title: A unique oscillation, friction and wear laboratory measuring device to evaluate tribological properties for greases and lubricants
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Other
Presenter Name: Dr Raj Shah
Co-authors:Mr Philip Iaccarino
Company/Organisation: Koehler Instrument Company
Country: United States

Abstract Information :

The SRV test system - where SRV stands for the German acronym for oscillation, friction and wear – provides diverse model test environment for evaluating the friction and wear properties of lubricants, greases and materials. This poster studies the recent advances in this unique laboratory technique SRV® to study and help solve a wide range of real-life tribological problems. In this study, a reciprocal model test has been applied that reproduces the real load situation of the contact of piston ring and cylinder linear at Fired Top Dead Center (FTDC) of internal combustion engines. Friction, wear, and load carrying capacity (LCC) were analyzed as a function of temperature, oil supply rate, and normal force for grey cast iron and spray coated cylinder liners, different piston ring coatings and engine oils. The test results show a significant dependency of the LCC on changing temperature and oil supply rate corresponding to different cylindrical pressures. Due to its versatile application this test system is appealing to be adopted by the industry to test their components in setups with high practical relevance and in conjunction with lubricants, materials and layers. Furthermore, the SRV technology is in compliance with numerous ISO, DIN, and ASTM testing standards.