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Abstract Title: A new ATEX-approved Combustion Calorimeter available
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Other
Seminar Time: Wednesday : Room 1 - 15.30 - 16.00
Presenter Name: Ewout Riteco
Company/Organisation: UNION Instruments
Country: Netherlands

Abstract Information :

UNION Instruments, the well-known German manufacturer of high performance combustion calorimeters, expands its "CWD"-type product line by a new, ATEX-approved version for in-stallation in potential hazardous environments such as the chemical and petrochemical in-dustries. The new CWD3000 EXP calorimeter features type p of protection (purged and pres-surized) and is approved for use in hazardous areas Zone 1, Group II.

With this new variant, UNION Instruments expands considerably its coverage of the world market for combustion calorimeters in possibly explosive areas: The new CWD30001 EXP is suited for installations in "ATEX-minded" areas of the market like Europe and some Asian regions, and the long established CWD variants DPC and SPC - featuring NEC 500 approval - are suited for installations in the US and some Middle East countries.

This new development not only demonstrates once more the innovation strength of UNION Instruments but also meets the desire of many users in the field: They like to benefit from the CWD`s outstanding technical and analytical features also in "hazardous" applications!

A highly relevant example is the increasing need of fuel gas quality control for flare and boiler operation in chemical and petrochemical plants.