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Abstract Title: A Systematic Approach to Creating Faster and Higher Temperature Simulated Distillation Methods Using a New Air Bath Oven GC
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Alternative approaches to conventional techniques
Presenter Name: Mr Remko van Loon
Co-authors:Mr Luca Godina
Mr James McCurry
Company/Organisation: Agilent
Country: Netherlands

Abstract Information :

Simulated distillation (SimDis) is widely gas chromatography (GC) technique used to characterize the boiling point distribution of refinery feed-stocks and fuels. ASTM International provides several SimDis methods developed and validated by industry experts to provide high quality results for many different materials. ASTM method D2887B is used for middle distillate fuels such as jet fuel, diesel and heating oil and ASTM Method D6352 is used for high boiling feed-stocks such as crude oil and vacuum gas oil. In this presentation we use these two methods demonstrating a systematic approach to improving overall performance and increased analysis speed using a new GC with an air bath column oven. The key technologies enabling this high performance are a new column flow pneumatic module, low discrimination inlet, fast temperature programming, and method translation.