Travel to PEFTEC Care-Free as All Restrictions End

On 23rd March, the Dutch government will officially lift all restrictions, both at the border and within, designed to contain the spread of COVID-19. From 23rd March, members of the public will no longer be required to show any form of validation related to the virus – no vaccination or recovery passes, no PCR or lateral-flow tests – to enter the country or enter particular venues. You won’t even have to wear masks.

It’s important to emphasise that the lifting of all travel-restrictions applies to anyone with a valid passport for the European Union, whether you’re travelling from a country within the Schengen Zone or not. These might seem drastic measures, but the Dutch Minister for Health, Ernst Kuipers, is convinced that the spread of COVID-19 in the Netherlands is under control.

With all of these restrictions lifted, PEFTEC is not only free to attend, but you’ll feel free when you do.