sbh4 & NPL - Fingerprinting in gas analysis for GHG emissions and health

This interview with David R. Worton of NPL, conducted by Stephen B Harrison, covers two of the most fascinating applications of gas analysis. Measurement of isotopes to identify the sources of green house gases and finger printing of human breath for clinical diagnostics. Stephen is convinced that analytical science has a huge and positive role to play in medicine and environmental protection.
In this short, 6 minute video, Stephen interviews Dave from the NPL asking the following questions;-
Sources of emissions have their own finger prints in environmental monitoring, but how can they be used?
How do finger prints show up when measuring gasses?
What kind of laboratory analysers do we need to use to see these fingerprints?
Where else can this finger print application be used?
Can the air we breathe out be analysed to identify if we have an illness or disease?
What kind of gas analysers can be used to measure human breath and VO2s?
What is the role  of the National Physical Laboratory?
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