What do a Swiss army knife and an FTIR stack gas analyser have in common?

Many people love to leave the city behind and go camping or hiking in the wilderness. Of course, packing for a trip like that can be a challenge. You might need a hatchet to chop down dead trees for firewood, a shovel for digging holes, a waterproof container for matches and first-aid supplies, a hammer for pounding in tent stakes, a flashlight, a knife, a compass, and many other tools. Fitting all those things into a backpack can be daunting, to say nothing of the weight they add. That is why many people opt to buy a multi-purpose survival tool. Even a simple Swiss army knife can drastically reduce the weight and number of tools that you need to bring with you.

“Sure,” I can hear you saying, “but what does that have to do with stack testing?” Well, normally stack testers are like a person trying to bring all the different individual tools with them on every job. You must lug around a ton of different gear. It is constantly up to do a test and back down to the van or truck, setting up one machine after another for every different test that you must run. Each test has its own machine with its own collectors and lines. Wouldn’t it be better if there was one tool that could handle most of the tests on its own?

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