New online analyser for simple, precise, and reliable mercaptan analysis

The MEDOR®easy, from Chromatotec, is an extremely user-friendly auto GC-ED, part of the globally renown range of MEDOR® electrochemical wet cell detector analysers used for the analysis and monitoring of one or two sulphide mercaptans in natural gas and gaseous fuel.

Chromatotec’s turnkey solution features a single configuration for each type of odorant blend being used. MEDOR®easy requires no gas generator; simply provide it with electricity and it will  analyse one or two compounds down to ppb/ppm levels.

The MEDOR®easy includes the customary high performance and excellent design that Chromatotec’s customers have become accustomed to. This rugged instrument requires very little maintenance work and is easy to set-up and deploy in the field; despite all its cutting-edge features the MEDOR®easy is very reasonably priced.

The MEDOR®easy analyses hydrogen sulphide as well as various other compounds, including blends from Arkema Spotleak®and Chevron Phillips Sentinel®, THT/THT and TBM/DMS, TBM/MES and TBM/TBM, IPM and NPM/EM. There is a MEDOR®easy can be configured for the analysis of every odorant blend or simple target compound.

The stand-alone MEDOR®easy is housed in an ergonomic, modular, wall-mounted box at eye level;  ATEX-, CSA- and IECEX-certified models are available.