New cost-effective sampling console

Apex Instruments recently launched the new Peak32 Top Tier Technology, a cutting-edge, multi-functional metering console series fuelled by a PIC-32 microcontroller module, which features a revolutionary backlit display, which is also easy to read in bright sunlight. These consoles have been designed to be cost effective and compact and to be able to withstand harsh conditions. According to Bill Howe, Apex’s President ‘“We are committed to providing stack testers equipment that is versatile, easy to use, and cost-effective The Peak32 line of metering consoles offers all that and more.”

The Peak32’s compact PIC-32 microcontroller is effectively a central processor that reads multi-sensory data whist incorporating data logging capabilities. Until now the various functions within the console would be fulfilled by multiple discrete units. Peak32 operators save up to 50% costs, depending on the unit, by eliminating the need for these separate units. The consolidation also simplifies maintenance, so end users have a unit that saves them time and money and is thus far more user-friendly.