New, cutting-edge gas analysis technology

Protea,  boast a portfolio that includes their most advanced fixed and portable FTIR analysers certified to the latest MCERTS Performance Standard EN14181 and compliant with US EPA 40cfr Part 60 & 70 and Method 320. 

The extensive product range also boasts the most advanced In-Situ CEMS used in conjunction with the Protea’s atmosFIR FTIR system to form a fully integrated Incinerator emission monitoring system. 

Protea as a leader in its field have a well-funded ambitious market lead development program and are proud to announce the introduction of two new ranges to their portfolio:- 

The AtmosIR  AtmosUV are the latest generation of photometric spectrophotometer gas analyser technology from Protea. The atmosIR and atmosUV are extractive multi component analysers utilising Protea’s advanced multi-pass cell technology. The analysers are capable of monitoring multiple gases simultaneously meeting the performance requirements of international standards. Both ranges also include portable models which can be used in for Source (Stack) Testing applications.