CEM 2016 announces Conference Programme

The organisers of CEM 2016, the international emissions monitoring event, have published details of the conference that will run over three days in Lisbon from 18th to 20th May. Featuring speakers from 13 countries there will be 48 presentations within seven main themes:

CEM 2016

1.    Regulation Standards and Quality

2.    Predictive Emission Monitoring

3.    Innovative Measurement Technology

4.    Fine Particulate Monitoring

5.    Mercury and other Trace Metals

6.    Fugitive Emissions

7.    Industrial Case Studies

The Conference presentations will address a wide range of testing and monitoring issues covering the latest international regulations, standards, methods and technologies in applications such as power stations, waste incineration, laboratory analysis, ship emissions and the Maritime Directive, biofuels, coal and biomass fired boilers, hazardous waste incineration, cement plants, chlor-alkali plants and landfill emissions.

CEM 2016 organiser Marcus Pattison believes that the CEM 2016 Conference is particularly well timed. “The emissions reduction targets agreed by 195 nations at COP21 in Paris will place a growing emphasis on the accuracy and reliability of monitoring at a time when, thanks to Volkswagen, public understanding of air pollution issues has never been greater. The automotive industry is keen to highlight the significance of industrial emissions, so it is vital that industry continues to provide ‘real-world’ data that can be trusted.

“According to the World Health Organisation, in 2012 air pollution was responsible for 3.7 million deaths, representing 6.7% of total deaths. This pollution caused about 16% of lung cancer deaths, 11% of pulmonary disease deaths and more than 20% of deaths from heart disease and strokes. Air pollution is the single largest environmental health risk in Europe; responsible for more than 430,000 premature deaths every year.”

CEM 2016 is the 12th in a series of international events focusing on emissions monitoring. In addition to the CEM Conference, there will also be a Poster Display of research projects and an Exhibition featuring over 50 of the world’s leading monitoring instrumentation and service providers.

CEM 2016 abstracts for all of the presentations are available at www.cem.uk.com/conference-programme/ and earlybird registration will be available until 15th April.