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Privacy and Data Protection Policy

The Data Protection Act Directive 95/46/EC is to be superseded by a new EU regulation under the title of EU GDPR (European Union General Data Protection Regulation). The GDPR aims to prevent security breaches and the loss of personal data by any organisation that holds or processes that data. This regulation change will affect any organisation that processes personal data of EU citizens. This EU GDPR has a live date set for the 25th May 2018.

Find out more on the GDPR -


We are International Labmate Ltd, the data controller. We are a publishing and event company specialising in the scientific field. We operate many magazines, conferencing activities and exhibitions globally. All our regional office locations can be seen on the contact us page of this website. This policy sets out how we'll use your personal data. You can contact our data protection officer (DPO) at International Labmate Ltd, Oak Court Business Centre, Sandridge Park, Porters Wood, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL3 6PH, United Kingdom. Email

Our commitment to your data

Why we collect your data

We want to give you the best experience with all International Labmate products we offer. The data we hold about you helps us provide you with the latest news and products from the industry.

How we collect your data

International Labmate Ltd recognises the importance of protecting the information it collects from data subjects in its operation. To this end we will take all reasonable steps to maintain the security, integrity and privacy of any information provided to us.

Our main business is syndicating information on scientific advances and putting you in contact with manufacturing companies that you may request information from. When you fill in a 'request for more information' form on our website, you will be asked to submit this request, and we will inform you where the information you supply is being shared. The manufacturing company may then communicate directly with you to assist in your requirements.

International Labmate Ltd will ensure that any personal identifiable information (PII) it collects will be adequate, relevant and not excessive for the purposes required. It will be kept accurate and up-to-date based on information provided, and to the best of our ability thereafter.

Personal Data we collect may include;

How we use your data

We will process your data to fulfil your request for information. We may call this a contract. In some cases we will have your business card, and your consent, allowing us to process your data in order to provide the services we offer. For the details of legal basis and purposes please see 'Processing' further down this policy.

Sharing your data

During registration, if you choose to attend conferences which are being organised by a third party then we may need to pass your basic contact information (Name, Company, Email address) to the administrator of their conference. Your data will only be passed onto the administrators of the conferences you choose to attend and not all of third party hosting associations.
Third party conference organisers include...

Any information you give to an exhibiting company at the exhibition will be deemed as you 'voluntarily providing' your personal data to said organisation. This is an agreement between you and said exhibiting company, and they are responsible for the safe guard of this information provided.

In order for us to send you one of our magazines, or to supply you with digital eBulletins or our digital journals, certain information is needed in order to fulfil this obligation to you. A list of suppliers that we share your information with are listed below with an explanation of what we share with them in order to provide you with our services.

These suppliers are referred to as processors and we have contractual processing agreements in place with them which are reviewed on an annual basis. Only adequate, relevant and limited information is used for each purpose. For example, we would need to print your full name and address if we are to post a magazine to you, but for the email, (eBulletin) only your name and email address is processed.

International Transfer

The personal identifiable information (PII) we have collected from you may be transferred to other companies outside the UK and the European Economic Area. We impose contractual obligations with these companies, and these are termed as processing agreements. We ensure that only the required amount of data is shared to fulfil the purpose for which the data has been transferred. One example of this transfer is where your data may be passed to our printer and fulfilment service located in Asia. This company would then fulfil the delivery of the magazine via postal services to you. More on this can be seen in the 'sharing your data' section of this policy.

Advertising companies

International Labmate Ltd has many products and services listed on our websites, and in our printed media which are supplied to us by manufacturing companies. If you request information from one or more of these companies, your details will be shared with that company in order for them to communicate with and help you. You will be notified of this action before you fill in the form, or submit your request.Only information which you have granted access to will be shared with our advertising companies. This is referred to as a 'request more information'.

International Labmate Ltd will disclose PII if required by law or otherwise needed in connection with legal proceedings. Engagement with products we operate, or filling in and submitting forms constitutes consent. International Labmate Ltd protects the security of your information by using password-protected logins.


In line with the processing conditions set out by the GDPR, International Labmate Ltd will process PII under 3 lawful conditions:

If you do not wish your information to be shared to the providers of locked content, we would advise that the content be downloaded when the lock on the content is released. This is usually 180 days post production/posting to our servers.

ILM Exhibitions registrations

International Labmate Ltd organises and manages specialist conferencing and events around the world. When you register with these events via their own portals, we will process your data to complete the registration process. You may receive an email confirming your attendance. We may also provide additional emails following the exhibition for research and marketing activities. We have an interest in supplying you with other market relevant news and product updates appropriate to the exhibition you registered for. These will be kept to a minimum and every email we send has an opt-out option.

ILM exhibitions operated by us are all listed under the website and are all managed and controlled by International Labmate Ltd.

Exhibiting Companies

When we organise exhibitions, the provision of furniture, utilities and accommodation are listed on our websites as links, and no information is passed to any of these companies. It is left to you to contact those companies to secure the services you require from them independently from us.

Your rights
Under the new GDPR your rights are as follows:


We hope that this privacy policy will provide you with the answers to what date we store, why we store this data and how it is processed and by who.


You can request to know what information we hold on you, and why we have your data. This is called a subject access request (SAR) and we will provide a response to you within 30 days of receipt of this request.


We encourage you to correct any data we hold on you at any time. A self-service area to facilitate this is provided on our websites under the login or sign in areas. In some cases we may not have an email address for you, and in this event, please contact us by email or phone, stating your reader id reference number which will be printed on the address sheet you received with your printed magazine.


You have the right to be removed from our system and have your account disabled at any time. We will retain your email address in order to facilitate a record that you requested the account / storage erasure. This information will be stored for 12 months, thereafter it will be deleted from our data storage, and we will hold no information, nor be able to recall said information if requested to do so.

Restrict processing

If you would like us to stop processing your PII, please contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Data portability

If you wish to have any PII we hold transferred to you, we will arrange this for you, and deliver data to you via your preferred method. We will need to ensure proof of your identity before any transaction is processed. Data portability is only available from May 2018


You have the right to object to International Labmate processing your data. In this case we will respond within 30 days and suppress your information from our records and stop any processing.


Automated decision making involves processing your personal data without human intervention. We may use computer aided software to better understand the content you interact with on our portals, in order to best match other products and services to your interests. This is also used to provide analytical data for us to monitor which areas of our websites need modification or enhancements for a better user experience.

Cookies Policy

A 'cookie' is a text file that a website you visit and asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile devise. International Labmate Ltd uses cookies as follows:

It must be noted that the shopping cart needs cookies in order to work, i.e. remember what a customer has placed in their cart. However these cookies automatically delete themselves after the transaction is complete and cookies may be disabled at any time. See our Cookies Policy


Links may be provided from any International Labmate Ltd portal to other websites. In using such links, users should be aware that each website will vary in terms of its privacy and data protection policies, and International Labmate Ltd does not take responsibility for the privacy policies of, and usage of, personal information collected by others including, without limitation, those of any partner or affiliate. See our Help with linking

Policy Updates

Please note that this privacy policy is reviewed periodically. International Labmate Ltd reserves the right to modify its privacy policy at any time. Any changes to the policy will be posted on this page. Your continued use of our services will be deemed conclusive acceptance of such modification. If at any point you wish to access your personal information please contact us.

Email Communications

International Labmate Ltd will, from time to time, send you marketing materials from selected 3rd Parties, this can include marketing of new products related to your interests, such as, invitations to eLearning sessions or webinars, newsletters, to name a few. The unsubscribe option is present on all these email communications, in line with the best practice marketing guidelines. Interacting with these emails is tracked, and on occasion your contact information we hold can be provided to the advertising company. This will be at minimum an email address.

Anti-Spam Policy

International Labmate Ltd uses a 3rd party emailing system called Target Mailer which facilitates the broadcast of email communications. There are many issues surrounding unsolicited emails and spam, and we want to ensure that the communications we deliver are relevant to your business interests. If you have a complaint about any email or post you receive from us, please get in touch so we can investigate fully. We strictly enforce our Anti-Spam policy. This is both a necessity and a requirement.

Reporting Spam

Please notify us immediately if you have received unwanted or unsolicited email. You can email us at or call the office on +44 (0) 1727 855574

Data Transmission

International Labmate Ltd and operated business trading under this name hold no responsibility for the successful transmission of data via its portals and websites. Personal information transmitted across the internet is not 100% secure and users are advised to consider this upon completion of forms anywhere in the portals we operate.

Additional notes

By submitting your information you consent to the practices described. If you do not agree with any of these terms please withdraw from further use of our websites or services.

Contact us

International Labmate Ltd can be contacted at
Oak Court Business Centre
Sandridge Park, Porters Wood
St. Albans
United Kingdom

Cookies policy

What are they?

In short a cookie is a small text file placed on your computer, tablet or phone or other device when you access the internet.

Why we use them

This website, and many others, use cookies. Cookies are in place to let you navigate around our content, and where appropriate, tailor the content to fit your needs. If we were to not use cookies we can't guarantee the websites will perform how they were intended to, thus creating a different and unpredictable service.

Different types

Session cookies are the temporary cookies which only exist when you're in a session on our website. These delete once the browser is closed. These are in place to help retain information and choice from the previous page. E.g when filling in multiple page forms, these cookies retain the information as you progress. Persistent cookies remain on your devise after your visit to our portals. When you login, we may have a remember me, or keep me logged in action tick box. This identifies you as a unique visitor but doesn't contain information that could reveal your identity.

Use of cookies

Google Analytics - which uses cookies to help us analyse how our visitors use our websites. Find out more about how these cookies are used on the Google privacy site.

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Browser control

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