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SYSTEMS FOR A CLEAN FUTURE Gas Analysis, Air and Water monitoring, and more... Environmental monitoring is a tool for detecting improvements or degradation in the health of ecosystems. Monitoring is conducted to assess the status of the environment and to protect against potential damage by human activities such as industrial waste disposal or other pollutions like traffic etc. Continuous and automatic monitoring of the environment is an essential requirement of any pollution control scheme. MCZ has more than 35 years of experience in the construction and manufacturing of apparatuses and systems in the area of gas analysis, water analysis and related fields. MCZ develops individual measuring devices and monitoring systems for end customers as well as OEM systems. MCZ systems are delivered all over the world. MCZ manufactures a wide range of products like: gas analysis calibration systems - from manual gas blenders to computer-controlled quality assurance laboratories including zero gas treatment apparatuses, gas and dust samplers, CEM gas analysers, gaschromatographs for special applications, online water analyser for COD, flow calibrators well as hard- and software to evaluate the measured data. MCZ manufactures also complete measuring stations and test vans for the most diverse tasks. Main operational areas are measurements in the range: Ambient Air Monitoring Emission Monitoring Surface water, waste water monitoring Hydrological and Meteorological Monitoring Radioactivity Monitoring Noise Level Monitoring


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CEM Multi Gas Analyser for different components EasyCAL Gas Diluter GC 2020 Gas Chromatograph with PID for Ethylene or Etylene Oxide Monitoring DAS Data Acquisition Software

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