CEM 2023 - Exhibitor - Pollution Analytical Equipment

Pollution Analytical Equipment manufactures innovative chemical analysers such as portable FID and MEMS-based Micro GC. We serve environmental monitoring and process control markets with a worldwide presence.


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Products on Display at CEM

PyxisGC BTEX is the first “carrier-gas free” gas chromatograph that allows you to remotely monitor BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, and Xylene) in ambient air, in compliance with the EN14662-3:2015 standard. The instrument does not need gas cylinders since the carrier gas is ambient air, allowing installation in any contest without staff or additional gas cylinders. Pyxis GC BTEX combines the Micro-Electro-Mechanical (MEMS) System of microfluidics for the selective pre-concentration and the gas chromatographic separation, with the peak quantification given by the Miniaturized Photoionization Detector (PID). The BTEX in the gas sample are physically separated using a micro-column chip (proprietary technology). Pyxis GC is also equipped with an auto-check system to verify and eventually correct the instrumental drift, in the long run, guaranteeing data quality. These characteristics allowed bringing to the field the same analytical quality of the lab instruments. Pyxis GC BTEX is also easy to move, enabling monitoring in every condition: fixed network, on-the-go analysis, emergency events, and focused hot spot campaigns.

Polaris FID SE is a unique portable heated FID analyzer in compliance with EN12619 and EPA METHOD 25A incorporating everything needed for full on-site analysis in a very handy case. Polaris FID is not another cumbersome analyzer but it is a robust, precise, and portable instrument, that provides accurate results even in tough conditions. The overall equipment is resistant to high temperatures and humidity to cope with a typical situation in the stack emission. The miniaturization of the flame ionization detector (FID) and volumetric sampling system result in outstanding energy savings allowing the use of built-in rechargeable batteries. Polaris FID is also equipped with a compact bullet-proof hydrogen storage cartridge for the best portability and safety. Thanks to Bluetooth connection and a proprietary App, Polaris FID can be connected wireless to any Android smart device to view real-time data and graphs.

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