CEM 2023 - Exhibitor - Nanoplus Nanosystems and Technologies

nanoplus designs Distributed Feedback Lasers (DFB) for high-precision gas sensing in industry and research.
The lasers are available at customer-specific wavelengths from 760 nm to 14000 nm. With their high side mode suppression ratio (> 35 dB) and small linewidth (< 3 MHz), they provide selective, sensitive, and robust measurements. Even in harsh environments, they measure trace gases in situ, in real-time, and with up to ppb precision. More than 50,000 installations worldwide prove the reliability of nanoplus lasers.
Do not change your ideas - let us deliver the laser that fits your application! NEW: continuous wave DFB Quantum Cascade Lasers (custom wavelengths from 7 µm to 11 µm) Multimode & broadband light sources: Superluminescent Diodes (760 nm - 2900 nm), Mid-Infrared LEDs (2800 nm - 6500 nm), High-Power Fabry-Pérot Lasers (1950 nm - 2350 nm)


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Products on Display at CEM

Distributed Feedback Lasers: 760 nm - 11000 nm (monomode, continuous wave, room temperature, tunable, custom wavelengths)
Superluminescent Diodes: 760 nm - 2900 nm (broadband, high-power, custom wavelengths)
Mid-Infrared LEDs: 2800 nm - 6500 nm (broadband, continuous wave, low power consumption, custom wavelengths)
High-Power Fabry-Pérot Lasers: 1950 nm - 2350 nm (spectral multimode, lateral single mode, up to 1 W output power, continuous wave, custom wavelengths)

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