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For almost 30 years Lumex Instruments manufactures, supplies and supports mercury analyzers with unique technical specifications. The instruments are based on Zeeman atomic absorption spectroscopy with high frequency modulation of background absorption, which eliminates the effect of potential interferences.
This technology allows ultrasensitive highly selective real-time measurements without any need for chemicals, any carrier or zero gases for operation. Most of the samples are analyzed directly avoiding time-consuming and costly sample preparation and pre-concentration.
The list of applications include monitoring of mercury in the ambient/workplace air and in stack gases.


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LumexAnalytics GmbH presents at the CEM2023 booth the complete solution for monitoring of mercury emissions using sorbent traps. The solution is ideal (especially at challenging 1µg/m3 level) for short-term monitoring, CEM performance verifications, studies for mercury control technologies and as an alternative to the EN 13211 method.
For many sources the sorbent trap method will be both simpler and more cost effective solution for continuous sampling. The cost savings are achieved thanks not only to lower costs of equipment compared to other monitoring technologies but also thanks to drastic reduction of labor costs required to install, operate and maintain a sorbent trap system.
The method has a successful 12 years record as it is accredited by the US EPA and is widely used by hundreds of customers.
A range of sorbent traps from the market leader OhioLumex is available for various applications, including speciation traps for determination of ratio of oxidized and elemental mercury, as well as for monitoring of other gases (HCl, HF, SO3, etc).

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