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Genius5-Instrument is a specialist to monitor the biogenic/fossil fraction in stack gas exhaust. From 2012 to 2016 the PmCTrace was developed, a device to support the European climate goals, which differentiates between biogenic and fossil CO2. With the rising prices for fossil CO2 this is an interesting device for measuring the use of fuels with a small amount of fossil fuels, ideal for use in the cement industry and waste incineration plants. The AiO system was developed in 2016 and 2017, which monitors harmful metal emissions - interesting for all Clients that want to monitor and systematically limit metal emissions. Together with Labservice we have developed an odor dilution system, suitable to chech the function og bio filters. Since 2004, the Windselect system monitors pollutants in ambient air, dependent on the wind direction and wind velocity.


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Products on Display at CEM

Genius5 PmCTrace - biogenic carbon sampling system - measuring the biogenic CO2 fraction FCTS (Fossil carbon tracking system) - it is a newly developed combination of the radiocarbon method with the balance method Genius5 Odor dilution system - measuring the odor precipitation in bio filters by using dilution method and odor sensors Windselect system - measuring polychlorinated pollutants as well as PFAS in ambient air dependent on the wind direction and speed

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