CEM 2023 - Exhibitor - Envirosuite

We are the world leading provider of environmental intelligence.
At Envirosuite, we harness the power of environmental intelligence so industries grow sustainably and communities thrive.
For decades, Envirosuite has been at the forefront of environmental intelligence solutions. With origins starting in 1990, Envirosuite is an entity that stems from the combination of air quality and meteorology consultancy (Pacific Environment), real-time and predictive technologies (Envirosuite) and world leading innovation in aviation noise management (EMS Bruel & Kjaer).
Thanks to our heritage and DNA, today’s Envirosuite is the global leader with capabilities across Air, Noise, Water and Vibration; more than a dozen offices across five regions home to more than 250 staff.
A pioneer of EI solutions—Envirosuite—has a pedigree of over 3 decades working in the air quality management space and assisting industrial operations in the community trust through stakeholder engagement. Our environmental intelligence platform offers real-time monitoring, visualisation of exceedance alerts, and emissions modelling for industrial facilities.


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Products on Display at CEM

Omnis platform for proactive air quality, water, noise and vibration management
Omnis is a powerful cloud-based software platform built for industrial operators to act on-site emissions, plan for weather risk and engage with stakeholders.
The platform harnesses the power of real-time monitoring data, hyperlocal weather forecasting and emissions modelling. It allows users to manage environmental risks surrounding air quality, dust, odour, noise and vibration.
Industrial operators can access easily understand information to address environmental challenges that impact their facilities and build trust with stakeholders and surrounding communities.

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