CEM 2023 - Exhibitor - Envira Sostenible

ENVIRA develops monitoring solutions for the control of pollutant parameters in air and water with a high specialization in industrial and urban environments. We provide services to the private and public sectors. With more than 35 years of experience in providing environmental services, ENVIRA designs, develops and implements automatic measurement systems from the deployment of instrumentation, calibration, engineering and maintenance to the operation software and data validation to comply with environmental authorizations in a comprehensive manner. Our technology and equipment guarantee accurate measurements, data availability and analysis of multiple parameters for emission and immission of pollutants. In addition, we are also a manufacturer of indoor air quality equipment. Visitors to Envira's CEMS booth will have the opportunity to discover how we solve a CEMS project from start to finish. ENVIRA's tailor-made CEMS solutions are designed according to the specific criteria of its customers. Envira provide all the possible components needed, including extractive and in-situ gas analysers, particle meters, data acquisition systems, integration with SCADAS and DCS, flow measurement devices etc. They ensure that maintenance is as painless as possible, with operations caried out on a scheduled and predictive basis to minimise loss of data. Envira also provide comprehensive training programs for their clientele covering aspects such as calibration and maintenance, operation of analytical equipment, trouble-shooting, compliance to local and international environmental legislation and sampling.


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