CEM 2023 - Exhibitor - ECO Instruments

Used to be local,
Ready to be global.
Who we are,
ECO Instruments is the new producer in the Global Portable Environmental Sampling Equipment Industry, with a young, energetic, and motivated team situated in Istanbul, Turkey.
ECO Instruments has been manufacturing assistive equipment for the Turkish market for many years and for the past four years main sampling devices.
Why we chose to produce,
ECO Instruments offers a team of experts who have spent years taking measurements in the field and providing technical support for a wide range of devices. End-user expectations, international regulations, and modern technology are all well-understood by the team. Furthermore, it has a strong sales team that has sold a wide range of devices for many years and is familiar with end-user expectations.
While this is a business of knowledge and experience, why not produce?
The approaches we focus on,
The approaches listed below are essential for us; we may consider our devices successful if they follow these guidelines.
Full compliance with technical requirements,
Easy to use
Save time and energy
Employee safety
Affordable maintenance and repair cost,


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Products on Display at CEM

ECO ISO Isokinetic Sampling Pump
ECO HTD Heated Probe Series
ECO NTHD Non-Heated Probe Serisi
ECO DDS Low Flow Sampling Pump (i.e. VOC)
ECO PM Constant Flow Sampling Pump
ECO SPM Sequantial PM Sampling Device with 16 filters magazine
ECO Chiller, Water Cooling Unit
ECO Heater, Probe Heating Unit

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