CEM 2023 - Exhibitor - DURAG HOLDING AG

The DURAG GROUP is your partner for intelligent systems and individual solutions in the areas of emission monitoring, air quality measurement, combustion technology, process monitoring and tunnel sensors.

Our one-stop system solutions help you, our customers in numerous industries, to maintain the reliability, availability and by-the-book operation of your plants and processes at the highest level of quality. As a technology leader, we set global standards in many areas.

DURAG GROUP provides state-of-the-art optical dust monitors, that continuously measure the dust concentration following different in-situ measuring principles. These cover a range of different applications and requirements to provide a suitable solution for every customer. The high quality of the measurement is ensured by our certified solutions following regulatory requirements such as QAL1, MCERTS and US EPA.

The AP2E is a company specializing in gas analysis using highly sensitive laser measurement methods and enhanced sampling systems. AP2E solutions are used in scientific and industrial applications such as environmental metrology, process optimization and ambient air monitoring. There are more than 800 AP2E gas analysis solutions in use worldwide, including mobile and online gas analyzers and continuous emission, process gas and gas purity monitoring systems.



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