CEM 2023 - Exhibitor - CDL-Tecora

Since more than 40 years, CDL-Tecora is manufaturer of sampling systems and analyzers for the measurement of gas. Instruments are used for emissions monitoring, process optimisation (combustion and production of gas), health and safety at work. CDL-Tecora manufactures its own measuring equipment, such as
- Isokinetic sampling systems,
- Multi-gas analyzers,
- Calorimeters and Wobbe index analyzers,

CDL-Tecora, a key player in the field of industrial analysis and emission measurements, is at the forefront of innovation and regularly presents new equipment in these fields. Today, the biggest names in industry such as Veolia, Suez, Paprec, Eiffage, Sick, Engie, Air Liquide, Messer, ArcelorMittal, Saint-Gobain, Eramet, OI... place their trust in us.
CDL-Tecora is a recognized technical expert and participates in working groups drafting standards for ambient air and emissions measurements, thus ensuring a product range in line with the requirements of these standards.



Products on Display at CEM

EmiTest range : isokinetic samplers for gaz emission compliant with European and US Standard to measure dust, heavy metals, acids, Dioxins, Furans, PFAS and so on... Dioxins Emission Continuous Sampler (DECS) : long term sampler for Dioxins, Furans based on filter/condenser method (according TS EN1948-5 and EPA23) Mercury Emission Continuous Sampler (MECS) : long term sampler for Mercury based on Sorbent trap method (based on TS EN17286)

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