CEM 2022 - Exhibitor - SW Technology

SW Technology sagl is a Swiss company providing gas analyzers, auxiliary equipment and software for the CEMS market.
At the CEM 2020 SW Technology presents the two analyzers targeted for the hot CEMS extractive systems market.
The qSYS-qLDX, based on TDLS technology, a dual components analyzer for measuring NH3 in the range 0-15 ppm and H2O in the range 0-30%.
The qSYS-qOXY, based on zirconia sensor technology, a single component analyzer for measuring O2 in the range 0-25%.
Both units are QAL1 compliant (EN14181, EN15267).
They are provided with a wide range of digital interfaces in order to facilitate the release of custom tailored and third party branded products.


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Products on Display at CEM

qSYS-qLDX: NH3 (0-10 / 0-50 mg/Nm3), H2O (0-30 %)
qSYS-qOXY: O2 (0-25 %)

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