CEM 2022 - Exhibitor - Axetris

Axetris serves OEM customers with micro technology based (MEMS) infrared light sources, laser gas sensors, gas flow sensors & controllers and micro-optical components used in industrial, telecom, environmental, medical and automotive applications.



Products on Display at CEM

Infrared Sources:
Axetris presents the EMIRS50 product family with its new member Reflector 7 for EMIRS50 and the SMD package.

Mass Flow Meters and Controllers:
Axetris presents the compact and technically advanced Mass Flow Meters and Mass Flow Controllers as standalone- and OEM-modules. Recent developments are the EtherCAT- and PROFINET interfaces and the small and compact bidirectional OEM Mass Flow Meter, specially made for Leak Tester applications.

Laser Gas Detection:
Axetris' OEM gas sensing modules are highly selective and self-contained sensors used for the measurement of gases such as NH3, HCI, H2O, CH4, CO2 and others.

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