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Analytics LTD provides a high quality emission monitoring equipment and perform gas measurements. We employ very experienced designers, engineers with many years of experience in measuring area. If you search for reliable and high performance solutions in the field of measurement and service of gas analyzers or dust monitors please contact us.

Product Portfolio: oxygen analyzers OXY series; technological processes monitoring; systems (CO, SO2, NOx, NH3); dust monitors; continuous emission monitoring systems (CO, SO2, NOX, NH3, HCl, HF, TOC, Hg, Dust, Flow, T, p, H20); computer system for QAL CEM reports according EN 14181;

Additional measuring equipment: temperature, pressure, moisture.
Zirconia oxygen analyzers OXY series combine modern technical solutions with economical aspects. Designed for continuous measurement of the oxygen concentration in exhaust gases, are the best solution for all applications, where precise and reliable measurement results are crucial to meet technological and environmental protection requirements.

Continuous Emission Monitoring systems integrated by Analytics measure the concentration of CO2, CO, SO2, NOx, NH3, HCl, Hg, Dust, Flow, T, p, H2O and O2 contained in sample gas. O2 is measured by Zirconia, paragnetic or fuel cel method. The other parameters are measured mainly by non-dispersion infrared method. A high-sensitivity mass flow sensor is used in the detector unit of infrared method. We supply turn - key solution from container up to environmental reports.

B2B Directors, managers, engineers from Power Plants, Combined Heating and Power Plants, Local Heating Plants. Coal, oil, biomass burning companies are of our interest.


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Products on Display at CEM

Analytics OXY 102
- oxygen analyser

Avaliable in two options: COMBINED VERSION - a control unit fully integrated in the probe. The measuring probe is connected to the control unit in one fully integrated system. This is the ideal choice for installations where access to the probe is easy, due to its lower cost and installation time. SEPARATED VERSION - a control unit connected remotely to the probe. It enables direct measurement of in-situ oxygen in all combustion processes up to 700°C/1292°F. The readings are displayed remotely on the disconnected control unit. This option is recommended in places where access to the probe is difficult due to technical or environmental reasons.

Analytics OXY HT
- high-temperature oxygen analyser (in-situ)
OXY HT Analyser enables the measurement of oxygen content in combustion processes at temperatures up to 1250°C/2282°F. The probe is available in a variety of lengths and with protective covers to suit individual temperatures.

Analytics OXY Exd
- oxygen analyser certified for use in hazardous (in-situ) areas
Analytics OXY Exd is housed in a special protective cover that allows it to be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Analytics OXY 112 BOXY
- modular oxygen alalyser (extractive)
Analytics OXY 112 BOXY is designed for continuous measurement of oxygen concentrations in exhaust gas emission centers. The device consists of a measuring system and an operator panel with an easy-to-use interface. OXY 112 BOXY has been designed for installation in a measuring cabinet.

QAL CEM Reports
- Quality Assurance of Automated Measuring Systems according to EN 14181.
Easy cintrol of all emission system minitoring function.
The complete reporting tool for QAL2, QAL3 and AST.
- ongoing emission system control
- measurement results visualisation
- data logging and archiving
- system dioagnostic tool
- QAL3 report generator (EN 14181)
- custom report generator

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