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CEM 2020 - VIGO System

Company: VIGO System
Stand No:  46
Website: www.vigo.com.pl
Address: Poznańska 129/133
Ożarów Mazowiecki
Country:  Poland
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Company Profile
VIGO System S.A. was founded in 1987 by a group of specialists in the field of photon infrared detectors. VIGO System owns unique technology that enables the production of devices for very fast, sensitive detection of infrared radiation in the range of 1 - 16 μm, operating at ambient temperature or cooled with maintenance-free thermoelectric coolers (TEC). Our production capabilities begins with growth of epitaxial HgCdTe or InAsSb wafers by MBE or MOCVD.
Products on Display at CEM
VIGO System designs and manufactures HgCdTe, InAs and InAsSb detectors, electronic modules (preamplifiers, TEC controllers, power supplies), as well as mechanical accessories. Detection modules (infrared detector integrated in the preamplifier in a compact housing), are characterized by high sensitivity in a wide spectral range from 1 to 16 μm, high speed with frequency bandwidths up to 1 GHz, optimized gain of the measured signal and operating temperatures in the range from 200 to 300 K.
As needed, VIGO System can develop OEM and non-standard solutions which allow you to develop products dedicated to your
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