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CEM 2020 - Pentol-Enviro Polska

Company: Pentol-Enviro Polska
Stand No:  19 & 20
Website: www.pentol.pl
Address: Osiedle Piastow 21B
Country:  Poland
Represented Companies on this stand Codel International Ltd
SK-Elektronik GmbH
Company Profile
Pentol is one of the most experienced integrators of CEMS on the markets of Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. We delivered the first system to a Polish Customer in 1992. Since that time we delivered significant number of systems to our Customers in Poland and other countries such as Czechia, Slovakia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia. Our Customers are not only Power Stations and CHPs but also District Heating Stations, Waste Incinerators, Cement Plants, Metallurgical and Chemical Plants as well other Plants like e.g. Compressor Stations on major gas transmission pipelines.
We permanently update our offer to meet growing demands of legislation. Now we are fully prepared to satisfy requirements of BAT for Power Plants and Waste Incinerators. Our offer includes all kinds of instruments required for the purpose of CEMS – all of them have QAL-1 Certificate:
- Hot and cold sample extractive as well in situ gas analysers able to measure all species required by legislation (including HCl, HF, NH3, TOC, TRS and Mercury); we offer both NDIR and FTIR measurement techniques choosing the right one depending on process and legislative requirements
- Cross-duct and scatter dust monitors including extractive ones needed after wet FGD
- Flue gas flow meters using all available techniques (ultrasonic, cross correlation and differential pressure)
- All kinds of auxiliary measurements needed for normalization, including developed by our engineers PCEM W-100 absolute humidity meter.
Numerous references confirm our competence in difficult industrial applications, e.g. in paper mills or mineral wool production plants.
We developed a comprehensive PCEM software package suitable for data display and evaluation procedure, remote diagnostics, generation of periodical emission reports required by authorities as well support of QAL-3.
Our partners are renowned manufacturers of instruments from Europe, USA and Japan. Our oldest partners are our co-exhibitors: Codel International Ltd. from UK (since 1992) and SK-Elektronik GmbH from Germany (since 2005). We also offer instruments manufactured by Fuji Electric, Dr. Födisch, DURAG, MKS Instruments, NEO Monitors, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Envea and others.
Scope of our offer covers warranty and post-warranty services, With most of users of our systems we have long term service contracts.
Products on Display at CEM
PCEM Software Package for data display and evaluation procedure, remote diagnostics, generation of periodical emission reports
PCEM W-100 Absolute Humidity analyser
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