CEM 2021

CEM 2020 - Lumex Analytics

Company: Lumex Analytics
Stand No:  43
Website: www.lumexanalytics.de
Address: Naher Str. 8
Wakendorf II
Country:  Germany
Represented Companies on this stand OhioLumex Co Inc
Company Profile
LumexAnalytics GmbH offers the complete solution for monitoring of mercury emissions using sorbent traps.
The solution is ideal (especially at challenging 1µg/m3 level) for short-term monitoring, CEM performance verifications, studies for mercury control technologies and as an alternative to the EN 13211 method.
We also offer traps that are in full compliance with the CEN TS 17286 and analyzers for sorbent traps.
In cooperation with our partners LumexAnalytics offers stack testing services, analytical services for mercury traps in our laboratory and provide training for the service personnel.
Products on Display at CEM
OhioLumex sorbent traps for mercury monitoring
OhioLumex sorbent traps for monitoring of HCl, HF, NH3, As, Se
OLM-30B Sampling system for sorbent traps
RA-915 sorbent trap analyzer
Also in Product Categories
  • Manual Sampling - Mercury
  • Manual Sampling - HCl/HF