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CEM 2020 - Limesoft

Company: Limesoft
Stand No:  51
Website: www.limesoft.ca
Address: 140 Fullarton Street, Suite 102
N6A 5P2
Country:  Canada
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Company Profile
Limesoft Inc. develops process control monitoring and environmental data management software. We offer a range of software products to interface analyzers and measurement equipment in order to collect, store, process, visualize and report data.

Our environmental data management products can meet Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) regulation requirements in an easy, reliable, and cost-effective way. Our goal is to offer full environmental compliance anywhere in the world. Besides CEMS, we are offering: predictive emissions monitoring software (PEMS), ambient air monitoring applications, as well as process control software to monitor sensors, meters, IoT devices, and other various types of hardware.

Our markets include power generation, oil and gas, cement, chemicals, mining, metallurgy, incineration, pulp and paper, and manufacturing.
Products on Display at CEM
Data Collection Unit (DCU) software is designed to interface AMS and peripheral hardware to continuously acquire and store environmental data. The DCU can connect to one or many devices simultaneously using a variety of communication protocols, over Ethernet or Serial network. It can also obtain data from many data sources (or stacks) simultaneously.

Live Measurement Data Acquisition System (LiMeDAS) is a software application used for environmental data processing, handling, analyses and CEM reporting. LiMeDAS obtains measurement data from a data historian or database, and performs data quality assessment and analyses in compliance with European and North American environmental regulation requirements. Currently the application has capabilities to meet applicable requirements of:
  • Directive 2010/75/EU of the European Parliament And Of The Council of 24 November 2010 on industrial emissions (integrated pollution prevention and control)
  • Environmental Programme (JEP) IED compliance protocol for utility boilers and gas turbines;
  • US EPA CFR 40 Part 60, 63, 75, Title V;
  • Canada EPS 1/PG/7;
  • Alberta CEMS Code;
  • British Standards EN 14181 and EN 13284-2;
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Royal Commission Environmental Regulations (RCER)-2015;
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) Environmental regulations;
  • and others
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  • CEMs - Data Acquisition, transfer, analysis, reporting
  • CEMs - Handling Software (DAHS)
  • CEMs - Environmental reporting