CEM 2021

CEM 2020 - Gasmet Technologies

Company: Gasmet Technologies
Stand No:  17 & 18
Website: https://www.gasmet.com/
Address: Mestarintie 6
Country:  Finland
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Company Profile
Gasmet is one of the leading Emissions Monitoring System manufacturer in the world. Gasmet manufactures, develops and markets complete Continuous Emissions Monitoring systems (CEMS II e), Continuous Mercury Monitoring systems (CMM) and Continuous Dioxin Sampling Systems (GT90 Dioxin+) for variety of industrial applications, including Large Combustion plants, Waste Incineration plants and Cement Production plants. All systems are certified and Gasmet's CMM has the lowest certified range in the world (0-5 µg/m3).

Gasmet has established a global reputation for innovative, customer-driven and reliable solutions, and successfully delivered over 4000 analyzers worldwide.

Society’s challenges are our challenges. Our mission is to provide solutions that help improve air quality, protect the environment, mitigate climate change and promote occupational safety. Our vision is to live on a green planet with less emissions.
Products on Display at CEM
Gasmet is showcasing its world's leading solutions for continuous emissions monitoring: complete TUV and MCERTS certified Continuous Emissions Monitoring systems (CEMS II e), TUV and MCERTS certified Continuous Mercury Monitoring system (CMM) and MCERTS certified Continuous Dioxin Sampling System (GT90 Dioxin+).
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