CEM 2020 - Exhibitor - Atmosfir

Atmosfir is an innovative, advanced air monitoring Technology Company focused on providing our clients with the best air monitoring solutions. Atmosfir is a technology-oriented company, with unique and valuable intellectual properties and years of in-the-field experience. Our leadership team includes some of the worlds most recognized and respected air measurement scientists. For over fifteen years our experts have been actively involved in the development of U.S. EPA test methods and have been involved in designing and implementing numerous Optical Remote Sensing measurement campaigns.


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Products on Display at CEM

D-fenceline™ is based on combining open path FTIR technology with Atmosfir's data analysis and management algorithms. The outcome of our integrated D-fenceline™ system yields the world's most versatile, sensitive, and cost-effective fence-line technology.
Our equipment and system was designed by leading experts in the field of quantification of air contamination and world leaders in the field of spectroscopy measurements. The outcome development generated the D-fenceline™ system which is the most advanced open path FTIR and UV DOAS technology based.
The D-fenceline™ open path instruments and analyzers were developed to be placed at strategic places along a Benzene fence-line, VOC fence line or any other fence line where it is crucial to accurately measure fugitive emission gases and for calculating other air contaminants flux measurements.
Our D-fenceline™ solution gives you the power to know what, where and when there are fugitive emission gases in the atmosphere around and within the monitored perimeter. By making use of technical analysis of air contamination signals, our D-fenceline™ solution generates in real-time, the following detailed information:
Real-time valid detection capabilities of dozens of compounds
24/7/365 Real-time fence-line monitoring, detection & quantities
Up to 2 x 500m long monitoring lines
Low detection limits
Online data validation
Location analysis
Real-time alerts to end users
Efficient UI tools for alerting, reporting & analysis